Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

Suvash C Choudhary

New Delhi :  Passengers traveling in Delhi Metro beware! If you do not follow the guide line issued for the prevention of corona infection during the journey in the metro, then you may face financial penalty. Legal action can also be taken against you. In order to ensure health safety regulations in the Delhi Metro, the Metro flying team is doing surprise inspections and fining those who do not wear masks in the right way. Metro officials are entering the metro coach suddenly and are investigating it.

It will also be announced by the Metro at the station continuously. Passengers are being made aware to wear masks and maintain social distance, while those who violate it are also being warned of legal action.

According to the Delhi Metro Management, on April 6, 693 passengers who were not wearing masks correctly and did not maintain social distance during the journey, were punished while taking action against 672 passengers on April 7.

The Delhi Metro Management has appealed to the passengers, saying that “there is a need to be more vigilant than ever to avoid the corona virus infection. The Delhi Metro has taken all concrete steps for your safe journey. Appeal to the passengers Is that they follow the metro guidelines for safe travel. ”


The metro management has made strict monitoring with CCTV to monitor the violators of the rules at all metro stations. Such passengers are also warned not to violate the rules and immediate action is also taken on behalf of Metro Flying against those who have been negligent. Anti-infection fluids are being sprayed regularly at all stations at fixed intervals.

Emphasis is being laid on ticket counters, checking machines, door glass and even floor cleaning.
In order to maintain social distance, people do not have to wait at the unnecessary entrance, for this, information about the average time of waiting at all the stations is being given online continuously by the metro This facilitates the passengers to plan their journey.

According to the order issued by the Delhi government, the Delhi Metro has also banned ordinary citizens from traveling after 10 pm. After 10 pm, only those concerned with essential services will be allowed to travel in the metro. This arrangement will continue till 30th April.

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