-The monthly test was organized by schooltimesindia.com

– 11 Students were awarded the Certificate of Appreciation

-This program was organized in the main branch of the Academy located in Laxman Vihar, Gurugram

Gurugram :  Numetry Academy Gurugram has declared the performers of the month for May 2022 among the children from 5th to class 12th studying in its coaching institute. For this, the monthly test was organized by  schooltimesindia.com an academic news portal. The best performing students in the Monthly Test were awarded the Certificate of Appreciation on Saturday by schooltimesindia.com. Senior journalist and editor-in-chief Suvash Choudhary rewarded all the best performing students. On this occasion all the teachers including Director of Numetry Academy Abhinav Mishra and Faculty member Ajit Kumar were present. It was also announced by the academy to start a scholarship scheme for the consistently performing students. This program was organized in the main branch of the Academy located in Laxman Vihar, Gurugram.

8th and 9th class, very important for all competitions in future 

Addressing the students of Numetry Academy on this occasion, the Chief Editor of schooltimesindia.com Suvash Choudhary gave detailed information about the major changes taking place in the field of education. He said that 8th and 9th class is a very important border for school students. The children who worked hard in these two classes and especially got a strong hold on Science and Maths, they will not face failure in any competition. He said that this is the main basis for future education. Questions based on the subject of these two classes are asked in all level tests, whether it is SSC, Railway, Banking, Management or examinations related to higher education.

He inspired all the students to follow the prescribed conditions in letter and spirit to become the Best Performer of the Month. He said that along with academic excellence, it is very important to have 100% attendance and good behavior . Students must always keep these three conditions in mind to perform better in all types of professions. He extended his best wishes to all the best performing students of May 2022.

Name Correction or Name Change fundamental right of a person 

The chief editor of schooltimesindia.com also informed the children about the historic decision given by the Supreme Court, the country’s highest court, regarding name correction or name change in their certificate or marks seat. He told that the name of any person is his fundamental right. He can change it at any time for valid reasons. In this regard, the Supreme Court has also asked CBSE to issue its new guidelines. He said that many times due to wrong spelling in the certificate or due to wrong name, children are deprived of many types of facilities or participation in the competition. He said that this decision from the Supreme Court is very important for all the children of the country. One must be aware about this provision.

Question-answer session about Competitive examinations 

On this occasion, all the children also asked questions related to various types of competitive examinations during the question and answer session. One child asked for information about courses related to journalism, while the other child asked questions about the format of UPSC examination and their prospects. In this session, a student of class 12th asked a question on the preparation of competition related to management, CAT and Chartered Accountant examinations. Many children questioned the preparation of the competition for admission in engineering and medical fields. A class 10th student asked an important question on the possibilities of going in the field of crime investigation. Senior journalist Suvash Choudhary answered all the questions of the children in detail.

Abhinav Mishra, Director of Numetry Academy, announced the scholarship scheme

Abhinav Mishra, Director of Numetry Academy Gurugram, also addressed the award distribution ceremony. He motivated the students to perform better in the test being held every month. He said that the best performer is considered to be the one who maintains 100% attendance along with academic excellence and is disciplined in behavior. He said that overall performance is seen for Best Performer of the Month. He said that there are many more students who have scored good marks in the test of May 2022. There has been a tough competition among all. This competition should continue in future too, only then you will be able to achieve the biggest goal in life.

He hoped that the Certificate of Appreciation being given to the students by schooltimesindia.com would motivate the students of all classes to work harder. On this occasion, he also announced to start a scholarship scheme for the best performing students on behalf of the academy. This announcement was applauded by all the students. He said that tests would be conducted every month, on the basis of which the best performer of the month would be selected in all the classes and awarded with certificates. For this, an agreement has been signed with schooltimesindia.com for Numetry Academy Gurugram. With this, it will be possible to continuously assess the performance of the students. He told that schooltimesindia.com is a reputed news portal publishing information and news related to school and college education. With this, students also get all the necessary information related to career and competition.

Students who got Best Performer of the Month certificates

For May 2022 as Best Performer of the Month, Akshat Rawat from Class V, Kinshuk Chavda from Class VI, Aryan and Dev Shree from Class VII, Anjali and Lavish from Class VIII, Ayush Sharma and Sameer from Class IX, Class X Siddhant and Parikshit while Ridhima’s name from class XII was announced on behalf of Abhinav Mishra, Director of Numetry Academy. Certificate of Appreciation was provided to all the students by schooltimesindia.com.