-More than 15 Students were awarded as Best Performers of the Year

-Two Students Got Best Disciplined Students of the Year

– Prof Goel Encouraged Students to be Street Smart to Accept the Challenges of life

Gurugram :  The Vice Chancellor of Starex University, Professor Dr. M.M. Goel said that “Yoga needs to be understood as Yoga (योग ) in spiritual mathematics. As evidenced in Gita one plus one is equal to one (1+1=1). In the present age of social media it requires digital fasting at least once in a week.” He said that India needs inclusive education with freedom, non-violent, a democracy with integrity and harmony, that provides an opportunity to transform the careless into careful and idle Indians into human capital.

Professor M.M. Goyal was addressing a large number of parents and students present in Vaishya Dharamshala situated in Sector 4 Gurugram on 10th April , Sunday evening as the chief guest of the annual program cum award ceremony 2022 of Numetry Academy Gurugram. The function started with lamp lighting and Ganesh Vandana. In his address at the event, Starex University Vice Chancellor Goyal called out that “we need to become Street Smart (simple, ethical, action oriented, responsive and transparent) to accept the challenges in our life.

He opined that a street smart person believes that the value lies in knowing things and that just reading books is not intelligence. We have to adopt a simple model of youth empowerment consisting of six human development activities namely spiritual quotient (SQ) development, intuition development, mental level development, self-love attitude development and emotional quotient (EQ) development. The synergy of these six aspects is an essential requirement for us to emerge and realize our full potential, Prof Goyal explained.

He said that Kurukshetra is the first university in the world where Lord Krishna had given real knowledge to his disciple Arjun. He said that today there is a need for Needoeducation, on which adequate provisions have not been given in the New Education Policy of India.

Professor Goyal praised the method of education adopted in Numetry Academy and said that the all-round development of children is possible with the innovative experiment being done here.

In a struggle, Either a Man Wins or Learns : Onkareshwar Mishra

Onkareshwar Mishra, the special guest of the function and Group HR Head of SGS Tekniks Pvt Ltd, Gurugram while addressing the parents and students present, inspired them to be ready for struggle in every sphere of life. He expressed happiness over the performance of the students of Numetry Academy and wished them good performance in future also. He said that if there is a failure in any examination, then there is no need to be disappointed with it, but there is a need to compare himself with him only. With this, students can be able to overcome their shortcomings on their own and it becomes easy to prepare themselves for any competition in the coming future.

He said that parents or relatives should not impose their wishes on the students. He advised that the children should be allowed to choose the stream according to their ability and interest. This will enable the students to focus on achieving their goals. He said that in any struggle, either man wins or learns. He also needs to take his failure every day in a positive way so that he can prepare better for the coming future.

Referring to his school and college days, Mr. Mishra said that his goal was to go for civil service, but today he is in the corporate sector and he is getting the benefit of his studies in student life. He cautioned that today there is a diversity of possibilities . Therefore, if success is not achieved in one area, then the doors do not close the same, but there is a possibility for another area.

Constant Communication Between Parents & Teachers is Needed : Suvash Choudhary

Earlier, addressing the function, Chief Editor Thepublicworld.com /Schooltimesindia.com, Suvash Choudhary called the parent and teacher as two wheels with a view to taking any student forward. He said that it is very important to establish a balance between these two. He said that nature has given equal intellectual capacity to every child. If a child comes first in an examination or competition and someone gets a little less marks, it does not mean that the child who gets less marks is of less intellectual ability. He stressed that we need to consider what kind of environment we are providing to our children.

He said that resources are needed to move ahead in different areas of the world, but more than that, it is necessary to provide a positive environment to the students. This responsibility rests with the parents. Parents should establish a constant relationship with the teacher of a coaching center or school regarding their child’s performance about his/her study status. Keep a sensitive eye on the growing flaws on the part of your child and try to rectify it as needed.

Senior journalist Suvash Choudhary said that parents should adopt a cooperative attitude with teachers in the matter of discipline as well. He expressed concern over the fact that strict disciplinary action in educational institutions should not be taken in a negative light. He said that teachers are experts in the art of making any bad stone into good shape and are dedicated to the all-round development of the children. Therefore, there should be constant communication between the parent and the teacher .

He expressed happiness over the fact that in Numetry Academy, not only the class syllabus but also various types of activities are focused from the point of view of all round development. With this, children get information about the subject knowledge as well as other activities of the country and the world, which is very important for any competitive exam. Shri Choudhary extended his best wishes to all the teachers, including the Director of Numetry Academy, Abhinav Anand, on the foundation day of the institute for performing better in future. He also wished a bright future for the students who were awarded on this occasion.

Focus on all round Development along with Syllabus in Numetry Academy : Abhinav Anand

Welcoming the chief guest, special guest and all the parents and students involved in the program, Director, Abhinav Anand said that in the year 2019, Numetry Academy was established on this day i.e. on the day of Ram Navami.  He said that it was decided to utilize this opportunity to motivate the children of his academy. It was decided to felicitate 15 children who have secured the best marks in the examination from class 5 to class 12. At the same time, it was decided to honor the most disciplined student in the academy. This process will continue every year. This event could not be held in the last 2 years due to the Kovid-19 epidemic.

He said that in Numetry Academy, our focus remains on the all-round development of children along with their syllabus. This is the reason that for the last 4 years continuously, children of all classes are performing better in different schools. He said that there is a system of coaching in the academy from class 1st to class 12th. All the teachers of the academy are experienced and qualified. Presently two branches of the Academy are successfully running with excellent performance. One of these is located in Laxman Vihar while the other branch is located in Rajendra Park Gurugram .

Abhinav Anand honored the chief guest and the distinguished guests by presenting them with bouquets and mementos.

On this occasion, he assured all the parents that they consider the students coming for coaching in the academy as their assets, which they try to beautify completely.

Ashok Vihar resident guardian Sokesh Bhardwaj also addressed the function and shared the experience of many years established with Numetry Academy. From the point of view of school education, the atmosphere of the academy was highly praised.

On this occasion 15 Best Performer students of class 4th to 12th were awarded by Numetry Academy of Lakshman Vihar and Rajendra Park branches. Two students got Best Disciplined  Child Award of the Year .

Children of Numetry Academy Laxman Vihar Branch who were honored:

Akshat from class 4th, Ansh class 5th, Aryan class 6th, Vansh class 7th, Pari class 8th, Tanvi class 9th, Pratika, Tanishka and Aarti class 10th, and Ridhima ,Aditya Kumar and Suhani from 10th class , were declared Best Performersof the Year. The Chief Guest and Vice Chancellor of Starex University Professor Dr M M Goel and Special Guest Omkareshwar Mishra, Group HR Head SGS Teckniks Gurugram and Senior Journalist Suvash Choudhary honoured all the students by providing mementos. Anjali, a class VIII student from this branch, was rewarded declaring the best discipline child of the year got amidst applause of the audience .

Children of Numetry Academy Rajendra Park Branch who were honored:

Anshika from class 5th, Vaishnavi class 7th, Diya class 8th, Varishal class 9th and Himanshi class 10th as the topper of the year were honored by the chief guest and guests of honours by providing mementos. Sapna, a class Xth student from this branch, was honoured by declaring her the Best Disciplined Child of the Year.

Students enthralled the audience with the presentation of cultural program :

In the program, the students of the Academy made a splash with the presentation of a cultural program. Students of class IX presented welcome dance while Ananya enthralled everyone with the performance of solo dance. Trisha, a class X student, gave a scintillating speech while Disha and Tanvi also performed a musical based dance. Class IX student performed a skit, Tanishi performed solo dance, Trisha and Vanya duet dance while class IX student performed group dance and made the programme memorable. In the preparation of the ceremony, Mohan Kumar, Sheetal and Komal Preet Kaur teachers of Numetry Academy played an important role to manage the programme while students Aditya and Tanvi attracted everyone with their excellent anchoring.

At the end of the program, Numetry Academy teacher Ajit Kumar thanked all the guests and parents who attended the function. He said that along with all the teachers and staff of the academy, all the children worked hard for more than a week to make this program a success. He expressed hope that in future also such inspirational events would continue to be organized by the Academy.  Young industrialist Rajesh Thakur and a large number of students as well as parents also participated and enjoyed in the function.