Joint Motivation Campaign to “Save Mother Earth” at Mount Olympus School

Workshop and Plantation Drive were Organised in Mount Olympus School Malibu Towne, Sector 47, Gurugram

Lions Club, Gurugram City, Motivated All Teachers And Staffs

Jute bags were also distributed to all participant teachers By Lions Club

GURUGRAM : ‘Lions Club Gurgaon City’ and Mount Olympus School, Malibu Towne, Sector 47, Gurugram  organized a Joint workshop in the school campus to make aware the teachers and all staffs as well as students about the Side effects of  Polythene on human life. The club has been working on “Save Mother Earth” project for many years under the chairmanship of  an Environmentalist Lion D V Taneja . All members of Lions club as well as thousands of Gurugram residents are associated with this great environmental cause. On 27th October Saturday in the presence of project chairman Lion D V Taneja , the Neeti Kaushik, Principal,  Mount Olympus School, other experts and socialites discussed in detail to to motivate all participants to dissociate themselves from the use of polythene. On this occasion Jute bags were also distributed to all participant teachers By Lions Club  .


During this very meaningful & rather purposive activity, Lion D V Taneja , Project Chairman ‘Save Mother Earth’ briefed about how and why to save mother earth . His rhetoric was focused purely to create awareness amongst the teachers . It was a first kind of  such program in the campus of Mount Olympus School, Malibu Towne, Sector 47, Gurugram  where all teachers and other staffs of the school were present and the event got its relevance by their interest and well receiving  . All participants made this joint Campaign very meaningful by learning how to save our earth from the chemical effect of  polythene. They were indeed keen to listen Lion Taneja who has adopted this project as his daily routine  and promised to participate actively in spreading this constructive thought among all students of the school as well as all sections of society.


Lion Taneja in his speech highlighted horrifyingness of use of polythene bags and direct impact on the quality of air we inhale now a days. He tried to draw attention of the participants towards the air pollution problem over covered in Delhi -NCR- Gurugram at present . His motivating scientific logical speech encouraged all to take a pledge to leave polythene bag & make Haryana a polythene bag free state of this country. He advised all to participate in plantation and use harmless environment friendly jute bag for their daily needs.


Neeti Kaushik, Principal,  Mount Olympus School also addressed the Seminar . Appreciating this initiative of Lions Club ,Gurgaon City he expressed her views about the “Save Mother Earth ” project. She Agreed with the opinion of Lion Taneja that educational institutions may play a vital role for this project as the teachers are the best tools to communicate this thought among society through students . She advised that  we should target all academic institutions of all level in Haryana by organizing such workshops. The Principal offered her co operation for this great social initiative that is internationally needed. Before this she welcomed all distinguished experts and guests .


On this occasion Lion Pramod Saluja , Secretary, Lions Club Gurgaon City elaborated some scientific facts of the Polythene . He expressed hope that all teachers will accelerate this important issue among their students who are the best bridge between the society and educational institutions . He also shared his experiences and put forward their views against polythene bags urging all to be a real environmental warrior .

Lion Sanjay Arora was of the opinion that teachers are the real motivators. He said that they prepare our future citizen. If this new generation becomes sensitive about the environmental cause the earth will be heaven in real.

Rajiv Kumar ,Secretary ,HPSC, Gurugram Chapter also addressed the gathering . He focused on various activities dedicated to the nature and achievements of Lions Club Gurgaon City. He said that if we want to save our future generation , we shall have to work on it collectively . He made effort to exhibit some WHO’s  data about the pollution created by different sources and opined that polythene is the real culprit that will destroy generation to generation as it has vast impact on the earth. we must realize our responsibility and act upon it without any delay. He clarified that law of land works in its own way but educational institutions have to understand it’s social responsibility too. He made stress that we leaders of the academic institutions would be more sensitive about our surrounding. All must take oath not to use polythene and donate a plant atleast only one person close to us . He appreciated MCG’s special drive to warn and punish the shopkeepers of Gurugram who use Polythene.

Speaking on this subject Dr Neelima Prakash Sr. Principal , Lions Public School Sector 10 A , Gurugram pointed out some scientific datas related to harm caused by polythene to the world . She explained the legal perspective framed by various states includng Haryana about this subject and urged all to keep away from polythene forever. She also briefed some points about chemical effects of plastic and requested all participants to save the earth from this evil.

Seema sehdev, Academic Head ,Mount Olympus School assured the experts that all teachers of the school will brief the students and motivate them for maximum plantation as well as adverse effects of Polythene. She also supported jute bag distribution initiatives of Lions Club Gurgaon City.  She made a vote of thanks to all experts and guests.

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