Sun. Apr 18th, 2021

Day Five of NSS Camp at Lions Public School   

‘Basic Cooking For Everyday  and E- Banking – A Step Towards Cashless India’

Volunteers Got Tips to be Innovative and Creative in Cooking

GURUGRAM : According to the schedule of week long N.S.S Residential Camp the fifth day of was fixed for the discussion of Financial transactions in various modes . Although the theme of the day was ‘Basic Cooking For Everyday  and E- Banking – A Step Towards Cashless India’ but students gave more attention to know the practicality of finance. The experts decided to go first for cooking training and afterward for Financial transaction as it was a n economic subject.

The session was taken over by Faculty Ms. Poonam Bala, Ms  Poonam Gavari and  Ms. Parveen Gahlot. They trained the volunteers with basic skills of cooking. They also explained the value of nutritive food for the growing children and also suggested a few tips to be innovative and creative in cooking.

The Second Half of the session started after the lunch break. Children were enthusiastic to be the part of the session. Ms. Vidushi , School Faculty and Ms. Suman Yadav  appraised the volunteers with the theme ‘E- Banking – A Step Towards Cashless India. The volunteers presented a skit to showcase the advantages and disadvantages of E-Banking and Cashless India. Volunteers made slogans to spread awareness about the theme.

Present on the occasion Lion  H.L. Dang, Immediate Past Chairman appreciated the efforts of the volunteers and motivated them to be the part of the era of digitization and  enjoy the numerous benefits that they can enjoy once they decide to go cashless.

Manager Mr. Rajiv Kumar emphasized that if we take reasonable care to safeguard our personal and financial information, we’ll likely find that online banking is most convenient tool that we can easily live with. It is less time consuming, has minimum risk and cost effective too. It has given a remarkable boost to the business of India with in a short time period. We have entered into a transition phase of electronic/online transaction.

Senior Principal Dr. Neelima Prakash stressed on the need and significance of E-Banking and urged the volunteers to spread the awareness in the society about the importance of Cashless Transaction.

Vice Principal Ms. Indu Kaushik suggested that the objective of E-Banking and Cashless Transaction is to live more convenient life.

Programme officer Ms. Kiran Bala ,Faculty Ms. Aruna Behl, Ms Mamta Shridhar, Ms P. Nagalatha  and Mr. Lakshman Sehrawat  were also present throughout the day.

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