Federation of Private Schools Slams State Govt on Degrading Education

Reimbursement is Not Given to the Private schools under 134 A

Private Schools will not take admissions till the Govt reimburses the Fee

For 6 years, Private School are Teaching Children of Poor Families

Kulbhushan Sharma, State President, Federation of Private Schools Association briefing the media today at a local hotel in Chandigarh

Chandigarh :  As Khattar government is not ready to give their rights to the poor rather school operators have been encouraged to  ignore RTE Act, private school operators have decided that  no poor student will be admitted free under section 134 A , told Kulbhushan Sharma,   State President of Federation of Private Schools Association and national president of the National Independent School Alliance (NISA).

 While talking to media during a press conference, he said that private school operators want to teach the poor, but the policy and rules of the Khattar government are against the poor, this is the reason that since the BJP government is formed, the reimbursement given to the poor children is not given to them. . Which means that the government is plotting to deprive the poor of education and name  private schools infamous.
 He said that the association has been constantly demanding that the government should make direct cash deposits in public money accounts opened by children and their families so that children can choose their school with entitlement. For the past 6 years, private school operators are teaching children of poor families free of cost under 134 A. The association has consistently raised the question that if the government did not give cash vouchers to these children, then the burden of the expenses on their studies in the coming years would definitely be on the parents of 90% of those who study in those schools. Kulbhushan Sharma said that Khattar government wants applause of free education for the poor children . This is the reason that private school operators took the decision from this session that till the government does not deposit cash in the accounts of the poor children and their parents, till then they will not grant  admission to even one child under 134 A. 500 crore of reimbursement to schools have not been granted by  Khattar Government.
Kulbhushan Sharma said that about one lakh children are receiving free education under 134 A in private school operators running across the state. It is the responsibility of the government under the RTE Act to give children free education by the private school operators as per the reimbursement of the per child expenditure incurred in government schools, but the Khattar government even once in four years have not   paid any re-imbursement . The Delhi government is  paying reimbursement of Rs 1700 per month to private school operators .
Kulbhushan Sharma demanded that the Government should give unconditional recognition to temporary teachers and permissions schools running in the state before 2003 so that children do not have to face any difficulties in getting education. On the other side, Kulbhushan Sharma came in favor of unapproved schools. Kulbhushan Sharma said that the government has announced the closure of unrecognized schools across the state, but this decision of the government is against the education. He said that granting permission to these unauthorized schools to run a school on a class basis would give recognition to the schools.

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