Tejaswi / STI Correspondent

New Delhi :  The Ministry of Human Resource Development has mandated the National Test Agency , NTA to set up, establish and create a network of Tests Practice Centres for candidates, especially in remote and rural areas to enable students to  practice and be comfortable in taking a Computer Based Test (CBT). This facility will be completely free of cost to the candidates This will facilitate  and ease the process of being able to take a Computer Based Test (CBT). The Remuneration to Test Practice Centre (TPC) will be given  indicated in MoU and can be revised  by the NTA.  All SCHOOLS/COLLEGES/INSTITUTIONS can  establish & run a TEST PRACTICE CENTRE by fulfilling the terms and condition of the NTA.

Objectice Of TPC :

The objective of TPCs is primarily to familiarize the candidate for taking  the upcoming NTA examinations in Computer Based Test Mode.The entire experience of using a computer will be as close to the actual experience of taking a CBT. All efforts will also be made to provide practice tests and questions so that candidates can familiarize themselves with logging into the system, go through the detailed instructions regarding the test, use the mouse, scroll down to the next question, navigate between questions, review and edit their options and submit questions.


Mock Test for JEE (Main) & UGC-NET :

As of now, NTA is providing only free Mock Test to the students in Test Practice Centre (TPC). The same facility will also be available on the website www.nta.ac.in and “NTA Student” App. Initially, only one Mock Test is available for the Exams JEE (Main) & UGC-NET. The number will be gradually increases.


TPC Registration :

The Institution has to register on the website of NTA (www.nta.ac.in) on the link “Training Practice Center : Registration” or follow the below link to become a Test Practice Test (TPC) https://nta.ac.in/PC, Fill information online & submit.

Minimum infrastructural facilities required from an institute/school/college:

–  30 Computers and more with necessary software

– Local Area Network (LAN) or some Internet at all PCs.

–  Power Backup for at least 30 Minutes of working.

–  Labs/Rooms for TPC

–  Necessary furniture.

–  Necessary manpower for ensuring uninterrupted working of all units.

A TPC having fulfilled all required requirements and having successfully made Online Registration, becomes automatically a member of NTA and can be allotted students for practice by the NTA.


MOU of TPC :

There will be an agreement/MoU to be signed between the NTA and Institutions who want to become the Test Practice Centre (TPC).

After successfully Registration for Test Practice Centre (TPC) on NTA website, then TPC has to login in the below link with the Registered Email ID and the Password.


User ID :  Nodal’s Officer Email ID

Password : Nodal’s Officer Mobile No.

TPC has to take a print out of blank MoU after login, sign it using simple paper, scan it with good scanner as PDF for its clarity and upload the Scanned 6 pages to PDF on corresponding space in their TPC login. For best results PDF should be about 1.5 MB.

The link for user manual to execute MoU process for TPC:   https://www.nta.ac.in/Download/NTA. The institutions are not required to send the signed MoU through mail orPost. It should be uploaded on NTA website.


Remuneration to Test Practice Centre (TPC) :

The facility of Mock Test for all the candidates will be completely free of cost and Test Practice Centre (TPC) will not charge any fee from the Candidate. The Remuneration to Test Practice Centre (TPC) will be clearly indicated in MoU and can be revised  by the NTA. The TPC Nodal Officer is required to upload on NTA website, information  regarding operations and issues concerning a TPC, on the “Appraisal Form” for each TPC date allotted by the NTA. This is must for release of payment by NTA to TPC.

Registered Candidates :

The Test Practice Centre (TPC) will get the latest status of Registered Candidates (at least a day before the test) in their Dashboard available in the login portal of TPC. TPC has to login with User ID and  Password. Amail is also being sent to this effect.

Scheduled date of Mock Test :


The final selection process of a TPC shall be done automatically based on the propelled population of students in that area and exercising that particular TPCs choice. An operative TPC for the weekend shall be selected by the process as explained above and that TPC shall be communicated accordingly. The List of candidates shall be communicated 24-48 hours before the scheduled date of Mock Test to the operative TPC.

The TPCs shall be operative on all Saturday afternoon slot from 14:30 to 17:30 Hrs and Sunday two slots are from 11:00 to 14:00 Hrs and 14:30 to 17:30 Hrs.  The candidates will receive the date and slot for practice at TPC through SMS/registered e-mail Id 24-48 hours before the scheduled slot in TPC. The same SMS will be used for entry at the Centre.


Operational on Saturday/Sunday :

If a TPC is not operational on Saturday/Sunday  Test Practice Centre (TPC) will have to inform the NTA and send a mail to the Nodal Officer, NTA. A TPC should operate only on the receipt of student list from NTA,  indicating specific date and time and allow candidates with SMS received from NTA, indicating the allotted TPC, date and time. A TPC should operate only on the receipt of student list from NTA, indicating specific date and time and allow candidates with SMS received  from NTA, indicating the allotted TPC, date and time.


Mock Test for UGC-NEET :


At present Mock Test for students, aspiring for NEET-UG Test is not  available at TPCs. A notice to this effect shall be put on NTA website, as and when the Mock test for UGC-NEET is going to be available.