Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

NEW DELHI : The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made a big decision that the students have the opportunity to opt for the Maths Subject in the 11th, even when they had not taken this subject in the 10th. In this regard, the board has also clarified that this exemption is being given only for this year.

For this, CBSE has instructed the school principals to check that students who opt for Maths Subject in 11th have the ability to pursue it. Actually, this decision has been taken because of the Kovid-19 infection.

Rules started from 2019

According to the rules of CBSE in 11th and 12th, students could take the subject of Maths, who have studied standard mathematics in 10th. At the same time, those who do not want to study mathematics in higher studies, they study basic maths. This rule was released in the year 2019, so that students who do not want to study mathematics, do not have to burden them.

Decision taken due to Corona

Also, if after the 10th, the mood of the student changes and he wants to choose Maths in 11th, then he could choose the subject of Mathematics in 11th by taking compartment exam in 10th. But this time due to the Kovid-19 infection, the crisis has already deepened on the examinations. In such a situation, the board has taken this decision so that students do not have trouble in studying in the new semester.

Compartment examination will be held soon

At the same time, due to Corona, CBSE announced the result on the basis of internal assessment by canceling the remaining exams of 10th-12th. However, the board has refused to cancel compartment examinations. The board said that with the cancellation of the exam, the future of thousands of students will be at stake. But it is not clear when the exams will be held.

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