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Creator’s Garage The C-Bootcamp (The Northcap University )

Dhruv/Student Reporter

Creator's GarageNew Delhi :  The Creator’s Garage Club of the Northcap University, Sector 23, Gurugram organized an eleven  11 Days “Bootcamp” on 29th July 2021. The subject of the camp was C language.

The first online national Bootcamp was dedicated to the students, teachers of the university and working professionals too. More than 150 students belonging to 25+ colleges ,universities and schools participated on the first day of this learning event.

Most of the participating students were from Computer Science branch.  Some  from Electronics & Communication , Mechanical Engineering branch and few students of secondary schools also participated.

During one hour thirty minutes of the first daye event  Muneesh Yadav Instructor briefed in detail about the basics of C programming language. He focused on What is C ?, Constants &Variables, What are keywords?, Examples of keywords, Name Function. He also exhibited with remarkable examples about Printf & its purpose, scanf, Data types & Conversions, operators, and comments.

Mr Yadav is a fourth-year student of Electronics & Communication Engineering of of the Northcap University, Sector 23, Gurugram . He is  working on various projects related to navigation, embedded systems, and VLSI those need C language in programming.

He taught every concept in detail with daily life examples. According to him C is the oldest programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie and Bell Labs. He said that the major operating systems like Unix, Linux, Macintosh, Windows use C in their scripting. C can also be used to develop games, simulators, device drivers, and it is the heart of Embedded Systems”.

He talked about constants, variables, what is printf & scanf function. His briefing was about data types like short int, long int, unsigned long int, float, signed char, unsigned char, double, long double, and many other important points based on C .

At the end of the event a question answer session was also organized . Many students /participants  raised questions related to the topics and Instructor  Muneesh Yadav’s explanation was quite effective and descriptive to understand for the students .

A small quiz was also organized and some perks as well as some goodies were provided by the “Creator’s Garage” club for the benefit of the participants.

Allaika Yadav a student of second year of NCU made welcome speech for the Instructor and all participants.  She was the moderator of the event .

This event began on 28th July 2021 which was day 0 and will go on till 8th August based on different subjects. All days will cover different topics related to the C programming language and will be described by different Instructors/Experts.

The Bootcamps was the brainchild of a group of students belonging to the Creator’s Garage club NCU. Advisor & Ex-President  Arup Parida​,President  Yogesh Yadav​,Vice-President  Ishita Garg​, Secretary Rashi Gupta​, Joint Secretary  Anirudh Singh & Allaika Yadav,​ Event Coordinator Aditya Ranjan​ & Dhruv​  contributed a lot to organize the first day event successfully .

The event was managed a Management team comprising  Aditya Ranjan, Dhruv​, Aastha​,Sheetal​, Vasu​ , Sanya​. The Graphics team has 4 members namely Aman Saxena, Rashi and Nitesh Kharb where the Content was managed by Riya Jain. The event’s Webmasters were Pulkit Bhatia, Aayush & Dhruv Singh. To publicize the event’s content on Social Media was the responsibility of  Satyawan & Vanshika Pandey.​

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