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Gurugram :  “Teachers have to read Gita and Anu-Gita for becoming relevant towards endemic of the pandemic,” said Professor M.M. Goel, Vice-Chancellor Starex University here today while addressing the teachers in a function organised on the Teacher’s Day.

A teacher is more than the messenger of knowledge for nurturing the maturity and the character of the students told Professor Goel who belongs to the family of teachers for four generations.

A teaching job is beyond the border of profession and vocation simply earning the livelihood with the spirit of leadership to be motivated and motivators of others said the VC.

Spiritual enthusiasm is the need of the day as spiritual bankruptcy and commercialization are the two major causes of the deteriorating standards in education believe Prof.Goel.

Teachers deserve honour and respect as children of Sarswati in the knowledge economy of today as good teachers if not great teachers like Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan emphasised the VC.

Dr S. L. Vasishta, Founder Registrar of Starex University stated that Teachers are role model of the students. A good teacher remains in the heart and minds of the students forever.

Eight of the founder teachers at Starex University including Prof. Salini Johri, Prof. Divya Tyagi, Prof. Richa Chaturvedi, Ms. Sapna Panwar, Ms. Shivani Sharma, Ms. Vandana Kaushik, Ms. Suruchi Kapur and Mr. Bhupinder Singh were given certificates of appreciation on the occasion.

Chancellor Mohinder Singh,  Poonam Singh, Founder Registrar Dr S. L. Vasishta,  Aruna Goel and  Anita Vasishta were present on the occasion.