New Delhi : The registration process for the admissions in IIT Madras MS Entrepreneurship Programme for July 2022 will close on 30th April 2022.


MS in Entrepreneurship


About the Program :   Source

IIT Madras is widely admired as the leading Institute in India promoting Start-ups, incubation, and entrepreneurship promotion and support systems, more particularly entrepreneurial ventures of the deep technology variety, with an enviable start-up ecosystem. Offered since 1982-83, the MS (Entrepreneurship) by Research programme is India’s torchbearer among all Institutions of higher learning that have aimed to promote entrepreneurship via their programmes. Over the last four decades, it has matured steadily and strongly to emerge as a benchmark among all entrepreneurship-focused Institutional programmes, as can be evidenced by the prestigious international and national awards and honours conferred on the scholars and their start-ups.

Selected scholars will be guided to systematically and diligently discover entrepreneurial opportunities and formally establish their start-ups via an effective combination of taught courses, intense research supported by astute supervision, and mentorship by highly accomplished entrepreneurs and others of the start-up ecosystem.

Earlier scholars of the programme have been granted valuable technology patents, which have been commercialized through formal technology transfers to leading organizations in specific economic sectors. Now, this full-time programme invites applications from among eligible persons, who would be inspired by its remarkable history and wish to contribute significantly to its future history.


How to apply  :

Below you will find a list of topics/projects for which we are seeking applicants. Select one or more topics (up to a max of 3) that is of interest to you and which fits your background. Apply to the MS in Entrepreneurship program on the IIT Madras Research Admissions Portal, indicating your selection(s). After this, please fill in the application for this program using the ‘Apply Now’ button at the top of this page. Applicants meeting the shortlisted criteria will be called for an interview.


List of Projects Available  : 

Title: Medical diagnostic, therapeutic and assistive devices for Neuromotor disorders

Millions of people suffer from neuromotor disorders like stroke and Parkinson’s disease. In some of these devices, there is a need to get an objective measure of therapy efficacy, there is a need to provide gamified experience for therapy, there is a need to provide assistve devices. Through this project, the goal is to identify the ideal market segment, evaluate product market fit and iterate an existing medical device design. The work would involve extensive field study, interaction with potential customers, identifying market segments, developing a business plan and iterating business model. Very happy to provide more details through email upon request.


Qualification Criteria : 


Must be from electrical, electronics, instrumentation, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering or design background. Must be interested in business model development, business plan development. Must be passionate about the development of medical devices to help people with motor disorders.



Title: Techno-economic evaluation of offshore renewable energy systems for Indian coasts
Description :


Virya Paramita Energy Pvt Ltd, is an early stage company exploring this opportunity. The company is developing ocean wave energy systems for Indian coasts. There are alternative energy sources such as wind and solar. The marine energy is almost unexplored and required intensification of research and development for India. The selected student will evaluate techno-economic feasibility and cost comparison and market analysis.


Qualification Criteria:

BTech (Mech/Electrical/Aerospace/Civil/Energy Science or relevant branch)/MSc (Economics).



Title: Bovine Activity Monitoring with IoT

Improving milk production relies on artificial insemination of bovine animals. Activity monitors will help better identify the menstrual cycles of the animals and contribute to better success of insemination and improved yields. The project aims to achieve this using IoT devices designed to track the activity of bovine animals


Qualification Criteria: EE or ECE



Title: Potential applications of Ionic liquids in bimolecular storage and lithium battery

We have a series of small molecules synthesised and characterised in our lab. which show extraordinary properties. These molecules are called ionic liquids. With these ionic liquid molecules we could store various DNA and protein samples for years at ROOM conditions, without needing for a refrigerator. These molecules also show high conductivity and could be potential electrolytes in Lithium batteries.


Qualification Criteria: Engineering/Sciences and exposure to entrepreneurship


Title: Design and development of small scale testing with in-situ characterization

Many small-sized components used in the automotive, aerospace and electronic industries typically are exposed to complex loading conditions and sometimes coupled with extreme environmental/chemical conditions. It is important to get a fundamental understanding of the behavior of materials under such conditions. There are no commercial equipment which are available in the market which has necessitated a need to develop our own testing techniques to solve such technical problems and validate the results so that commercialization is possible eventually. In our laboratory we have developed one such machine which can do small scale testing with in situ characterization capabilities. There is enough scope for the addition of further capabilities and eventually help commercialization of the equipment after validation of the methodology with various classes of materials.


Qualification Criteria:

BTech (mechanical engg or engg design or product design)- Interest in design and development, interest in materials engineering is mandatory. Any experience in CAD/computation modeling, hands on experience in the industry is desirable


Title: Development of ultra-fast sintering furnaces for technologically relevant ceramics

Sintering is a common methodology to make ceramic components. However, sintering typically involves lot of time, optimization and can be expensive depending on the process adopted. Conventional sintering is cumbersome and some of the modern sintering techniques such as spark plasma sintering is super expensive. We now intend to develop an ultra fast sintering methodology which will not only be very fast (sintering in a few seconds), but also inexpensive which will have the ability to sinter all classes of materials. This can be a game changer and can throw many existing sintering machines out of market. Hence, we are keen on developing this technique in our lab. We already have a start-up, and we intend to closely work with the start up.


Qualification Criteria: BTech in Ceramic Technology, Materials Engg or Metallurgy, advanced degree with exposure to material science



Title: Wankel Energy Systems – Decarbonising process industries through energy efficiency and micro steam power generation

The project aims to address the immense potential available to decarbonise process and manufacturing industries using low-pressure steam systems. We have developed a technology that can recover the “potential” wasted when pressure reducing valves are used in industries. This is converted to power, which can feed to the local grid. The minimum potential to generate power is about 10.6 GW in India alone. This is only set to grow as the manufacturing operations scale up. The objective of this MS-Entrepreneurship project is for the candidate to grow in to the role of a CEO of the start-up company being created. There is a core research and product development team and they will be deploying the prototype in the field in the next 6-9 months. The “CEO” role is to take this deployment as a proof of concept and identify market opportunities, beach-head market segments and develop a roadmap for the company. It is expected that the candidate will be able to develop a robust business model for the technology and present it as a thesis for the course. It is also likely that the candidate will be able to take the company forward through fund raising type activities


Qualification Criteria:

Engineering sciences with work experience, MBA (or) Experience in entrepreneurship



Title: Business potential for HydRA

Every year our department pays several lakhs of rupees towards license fee for various commercial softwares that can simulate the motions of a ship or offshore structure at sea. We decided to build a software of our own to move away from commercial software. Our code has been developed as a web application named HydRA (Hydrodynamic Response Analysis) that can simulate and visualise the motions of a ship and an offshore structure at sea and is hosted on AWS servers. It parallels and even goes beyond some of the existing commercial software that can undertake this type of analysis. In this project you will evaluate the commercialization potential for HydRA for a pay as much you use model and come up with a business plan to take the program commercial.


Qualification Criteria: Engineering sciences with work experience, MBA (or) Experience in entrepreneurship



Title: Blockchain Applications in Engineering, Education and Healthcare

This project seeks working innovators and technopreneur to champion 3 vectors for application one Blockchain technologies in

(9A) Engineering (Energy & Resources), (9B) Life Science & Healthcare and (9C) EduTech segments; the goal is to create a minimum viable product and take the solution to the market through a startup; in EduTech and Healthcare side already there are couple of team members; in Energy vector team has to be created; Core skills – IoT, Blockchain, Web3, Cryptography, Programming, C, Python, Java; Aptitude and interact in creating startup and prior experience in such space is a plus


Qualification Criteria: Engineering/Sciences and exposure to entrepreneurship.