Kurukshetra, June 26 : “ For achieving 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030, we need to develop a concrete plan of action based on the prescriptions by Mahatma Gandhi as people’s economist ”, opined Professor M.M. Goel Founder of Needonomics School of Thought who has been Vice-Chancellor in public and private universities of India.

He was speaking on the topic “Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi as People’s Economist” online in KVG Memorial Webinar organised by Dr. K Venkatagiri Gowda Memorial Trust at the Indian Institute of World Culture, Bengaluru. Prof.Dr Rekha Jagannath delivered the welcome address and presented a citation on the achievements of Prof. M.M. Goel.

The maladies of the modern society can be cured with the Mahatma’s principle of smallness, simplicity, nonviolence and production by the masses, told Prof Goel.

“The earth can produce enough to satisfy everyone’s need, but not everyone’s greed” is the immortal sermon of Gandhiji for economists of all generations to come, mentioned Prof. Goel.

Needonomics is the idea of India as a ‘mantra’ which is nonviolent, spiritual and ethical in nature to say no to terrorism, violence, exploitation and corruption of all kinds, believes Prof. Goel.