New Delhi : This time a total of 1444341 students had registered in the CBSE board’s 12th examination. Out of these, 1435366 candidates took the exam and a total of 1330662 have passed the exam. Thus the overall pass percentage was 92.71 percent.

The overall pass percentage of both Delhi East and Delhi West was 96.29 percent this time.

Chandigarh’s pass percentage this time was 95.98 percent.

If we talk about Patna, then the pass percentage here was 91.20 percent.

In Bhopal, 90.74 percent students passed the exam, while in Pune the overall pass percentage was 90.48 percent.

On the other hand, if we talk about Noida, the pass percentage here also went to 90.27 percent.

Apart from Noida in UP, the pass percentage of Prayagraj was 83.71 percent and the total pass percentage in Dehradun of Uttarakhand was 85.39 percent.

In this way, if compared among all the cities, the result of Delhi was the best. Chandigarh was on second number and Patna at number three.

Girls performed better than boys and their overall pass percentage was 94.54 percent while the overall pass percentage of boys was 91.25 percent.