Thu. Jun 17th, 2021

Students Learned How to Counter Exam Stress and Prepare Themselves for their Board Examinations

GURUGRAM : Realizing the need of the hour, Lions Public School , Sector 10 A, Gurugram organized a counseling workshop for all class Xth students, who are appearing for the Board Exams 2017-18 for the first time. The aim of the workshop was to give the guidelines on how to counter exam stress and prepare themselves for their board examinations. The resource person  Rashi Khanna explained various methods & techniques to enhance concentration and improve memory.

She also gave tips on healthy eating during and before exams. She said that eating fresh ingredients and lots of fruit is really important. Juices filled with vitamin C, such as orange or grapefruit juice, are said to be good for the immune system so can help with stress.

She advised t do sport at least once a week . She opined that it is the best way to reduce stress. It helps body produce endorphins, which make us feel good. Even daily walks of 30 minutes can help reduce stress levels but it’s even better to work out intensively.

To counter the fear of giving exams, she told the students to follow a timetable, which will prepare the mind and they won’t face problem in the exams. The counselor said that short breaks between working can help students switch off, but longer breaks are important too.

Rashi Khanna also explained the importance of meditation saying that sitting quietly for 10 minutes a day can really help with stress levels.

All Class 10th students listened carefully and seriously noted the value points of the workshop so that they could apply them in their preparation. The session was concluded by positive thoughts.

Speaking on this occasion LPS Senior Principal Dr Nilima Prakash suggested all students to follow the tips and prepare themselves for their better result.

Rajeev Kumar , Manager , Lions Public School was optimistic about the outcome of this workshop. He remembered his student life and explained how to deal with board exams following the time management.

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