New Delhi :   IIT Delhi has announced the launch of a mentorship program, STEM , for girl students of class 11th. This program will be started only to provide mentorship facility to girl students in the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This will include written paper and internship.


It has been decided to launch this mentorship program as a pilot project starting from 30th December. For this 10 girl students have been selected from many Kendriya Vidyalayas. In this, the girl students will get an opportunity to interact with the teachers of IIT Delhi on their subjects while a mentor will be appointed for each student.

It has been said by IIT Delhi that this program will be given more expansion in the coming time so that a large number of students of more schools can get this benefit. Although this program has been started for the 11th class student only, which is likely to be given more expension in the coming time.


For this, 10 girl students have been selected by the respective Kendriya Vidyalayas who have selected the stream for their studies. Various topics have been given to the girl students by IIT Delhi and teachers of IIT Delhi have been appointed as mentors to teach them.


The program will start as a winter internship which will end one week before the school opens. Under this program, during their regular studies from January to April 2021, girl students will get a chance to interact with the faculty members of IIT Delhi.

During the winter internship, basic information will be given about the areas in which the girl students will be motivated to work. After the school opens, she will be able to interact with the concerned teachers on her subject. Along with this, various types of teaching modules will also be accessible and this facility will be available continuously.

In view of the situation of Kovid-19 epidemic, it has been decided to continue this program online for the time being. After the circumstances become favorable, the children will be able to meet the teachers in the coming May-June. At the end of the program, all the girl students will be given certificates from IIT Delhi .